So I almost ran tonight.

I’m doing this modified Couch to 5K thing.  Tonight called for a 25 minute walk.  This creepy dude popped up on the trail out of fucking nowhere.  I normally wouldn’t be freaked out…this is a tiny town full of sweet redneck people.  The crime rate is pretty damn low and I’ve had years and years of martial arts.  I don’t ever want to HAVE to use it.  But the dude was wearing jeans.  On a walking trail.  It’s still like 80 degrees outside.  And he shouldn’t have been able to catch me like that from where I was on the trail.  It’s hard to describe, but it didn’t seem to add up.  Anyway, my spidey senses were tingling so I picked up the pace.  I walked as fast as I could without actually jogging.  I was able to keep that pace up for four or five minutes.  Pretty good for me.  Anyway, creeper guy disappeared and I never saw him again on the turn around. 

That gives me some confidence that next Tuesday when I’m scheduled to run 3 minutes, I can actually run 3 minutes.  I know how pathetic that sounds.  But I know me.  And it’s a big deal. 

Food was decent today.  Not perfect but not near as bad as usual.  I definitely do better when I eat at home.  I didn’t even snack today. 

It’s time for bed.  I’m going to try to actually crash early.